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process of converting Monero into another currency (either fiat or crytocurrency)

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How easy is it for merchants to accept Monero payments and convert them into fiat?

As a merchant I want to limit risk exchange rate fluctuations. How easy is it for me to convert Monero I receive into my local fiat currency? How long would the currency conversion typically take? ...
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CryptoKingdom currency usage of both CKG and XMR

Most games only have one currency. Please help explain the reasons for the usage of two in game currencies. Is it true that CryptoKingdom supports both CKG (CryptoKingdom Gold) and Moneritos (1/1,000,...
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4 votes
2 answers

AUD straight to Monero

I'm new to the community - just wondering if there are any ways to purchase Monero with AUD? (Australian dollars) Any exchanges offering? What do you think the chances of them offering it in the next ...
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How do I sell Monero for USD if I start from the Monero in my wallet?

Let's say I have my Monero wallet and there are some coins in it. How would I go about getting USD for those coins? I read about exchanges where one can buy and sell Monero on this thread -- What ...
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Can Monero provide anonymity when buying and selling NFTs?

Please forgive my noobness, but I have basic questions about Monero's privacy when going between currencies. Let's say a have two artist personas I want to sell NFTs under, but I don't want their ...
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