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Questions tagged [core-development-team]

Monero is not governed by any foundation or central body, but ongoing development, maintenance, and research is primarily directed and often funded by a core team of seven individuals comprosing the Monero core development team.

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11 votes
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Monero inception - how did bitmonero become monero?

I understand that bitmonero was one of the first CryptoNote coins, and at its inception had a different developer team, mainly thankful_for_today. Then, "the community took over" because of some ...
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9 votes
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Should the monero community look to have the dev team working on the project full time? [closed]

Following the recent (Aug 2016) rise in the market cap, the community is potentially big enough to have the developers paid (In XMR) to work on building out Monero full time. Has this been ...
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