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System originally designed for Bitcoin by Blockstream developers to hide the amount of transactions from everyone besides the transaction participants. Confidential Transactions combined with Ring Signatures (RingCT) are now implemented (in GitHub) and being tested for Monero.

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How input pseudo-commitments are calculated?

I was reading Zero to Monero and other posts about this and I understand why do we need pseudo-commitment: they are just commitments of inputs' hidden amounts. The thing that I don't get is how the ...
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Why are rangeproofs necessary?

Title. This is probably a remarkably stupid question, but I digress. Now, I understand the point of rangeproofs, but I don't understand why they're actually necessary. So, rangeproofs prevent a ...
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Can the secret amount passed to recipient be different from the committed amount?

As I (roughly) understand it, every tx output has a public amount Pedersen commitment and also the real amount (along with a blinding factor) is encrypted such that only the recipient can know it. My ...
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Where is the encrypted Monero amounts in a transaction?

Looking at a monero transaction, I can't see any amounts. Where is this encrypted exactly? Take for example:
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Making non-native tokens private by using RingCT

(This is a research oriented question) Is it possible to leverage the CT primitive and use it in order to transfer non-native and non-fungible tokens such as ERC721 (in another blockchain of course, ...
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Why is it necessary in confidential transactions to have two generators?

So as i understand it (though im not sure if its the same w/ bulletproofs so please correct me if im wrong), a commitment is generated like this; commitment = (blinding_secret . G) + (value . H) ...
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How would I exploit the fact that I knew the scalar used for H in the Pedersons Commitment w.r.t G?

If H was badly chosen for the Pederson Commitment, such that the attacker knew a k where H = kG (1) What damage could be done to the system? We know that C = aH + bG If I commit a = 10 and b = 2 ...
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How does signing the hash of the public key show that the signer knew the private key?

I had this previously explained to me, however I do not think I understand it at all. Taken from Maxwell's confidential values: "If a signature is constructed so that the 'message' is the hash of ...
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Why must each input have a separate set of decoys?

If we have a mixin of 6, with two inputs. We immediately have a total of 6 * 2 = 12 decoys Would it not be secure enough to have the 4 decoys with the two inputs which means two key images? So we ...
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How are transactions validated in monero vs bitcoin?

Bitcoin In bitcoin, the signature is a "normal" one and we check it against the signed tx hash. We then check whether the public key/s which signed it, owns the input/s. we then check whether the ...
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The entire lifecycle of an XMR transaction with RingCT

I'm trying to understand the data structure in monerod and create a simple workflow for a transaction's life cycle. It doesn't look like this has been done post-RingCT activation, and I see a lot of ...
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What exactly are bulletproofs replacing in monero?

I am stuck on these questions in understanding bulletproofs: Are bulletproofs a way to hide the sender and the amount? What is the difference between bulletproofs, RingCT and Ring signatures? Edit: ...
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Hiding transaction values using pederson commitments and range proofs in accounts model

Conceptually how does one hide transaction values using pederson commitments and range proofs in ethereum(accounts model)? The key issue is how can we make it happen in an accounts model and not in ...
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Privacy implications resulting from lack of multiple output function

When sending Monero the confidential transaction feature of RingCT hides thetransaction amount. Is there a privacy leak with the current setup that weakens that claim? Assume an online ...
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What is the "SpendProofV1..." or "OutProofV1..." in the details of a sent transaction in the GUI?

I'm guessing it's either the Confidential Transaction range-proof? Or is it some kind of proof-of-payment I can send to the recipient to prove... payment...? Either way, what privacy or security is ...
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Transaction structure: Question about ecdhInfo

This question by kenshi84 shows how the pseudoOuts and outPk fields can be validated by anyone (without knowing any of the private keys involved), by checking that sumIn === sumOut: > var H = ...
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Would a fixed ring size improve anonymity?

Currently the ring size of a transaction can be set by the sender. One would think that using a ring size of 10 makes the transaction more anonymous than using a ring size of 5 (current default) as ...
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Intentionally reveal unspent transaction outputs (UTXOs)

As per this discussion I learned it is not possible in Monero to count the total unspent transaction outputs (UTXOs) in the blockchain to verify the total coin supply. I can understand that this is ...
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Are Confidential Transactions in Monero perfectly binding or hiding?

Bitcoin contributor Pieter Wuille recently commented on Reddit: Bulletproofs and the Pedersen commitments they operate on are perfectly hiding, but not perfectly binding. This roughly means that ...
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Monero transaction from kraken to bitfinex stucks in status confidential transaction

My Monero transaction sucks since 2 months and I have no idea how to get my coins back. Bitfinex support does not answer and according to kraken support moneros were send successfully. Find my ...
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What all information we can gather from a Monero wallet address?

I am pretty new to this crypto currency. My question is that what all information can be found, if we only know a malicious user's Monero wallet address? Can I check this Monero wallet balance? If ...
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What happend to my transaction

I bougth some Monero on poloniex to send to my paperwallet some months ago. Today I checked my paper wallet on and there is balance 0. When I check my transaction on moneroblocks, it says ...
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How does RingCT work with / without coefficients?

I was trying to get more information on how RingCT works, I found the thread I linked to below here on the stack exchange. In the other thread, the most upvoted answer explains it as a coefficient, ...
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Confidential transaction shows amounts

My understanding is that confidential transactions "hide" the amount exchanged. However I have found a confidential transaction where the input amount is visible. Is that expected?
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Can I manually check consistency of Pedersen Commitments in RingCT?

Even though I fully trust the math behind RingCT and I know no moneroj can be created out of thin air, sometimes I'd like to see for myself the consistency of the Pedersen Commitment before/after any ...
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How much larger are Monero transactions compared to the average Bitcoin transaction?

We know that because of the way Monero's privacy works, transactions are larger than a Bitcoin one, but how much larger on average are they compared to Bitcoin transactions? How will this affect the ...
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What is RingCT and how does it compare to Confidential Transactions?

What is RingCT and how does the addition of Ring Signatures enhance the privacy properties of RingCT compared to Confidential Transactions as designed by Greg Maxwell?
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