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Questions tagged [compact-blocks]

compact blocks also known as fluffy blocks are designed to be limited to a block header and transaction IDs, and if necessary, any missing transactions. Their goal to facilitate a reduction in data being transmitted on the network, translating into lower bandwidth requirements to run a full-node.

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3 answers

What are Fluffy Blocks?

I heard the term thrown around here and on Reddit, but I haven't found its definition anywhere. Could someone please clarify?
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1 answer

Are there plans to optimize bandwidth usage by implementing something like xthin or compact blocks?

As I understand it now, all transactions are re-transmitted when a new block is found. Is it possible in Monero to implement something similar to compact blocks, and if so is there a timeline for ...
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Upon running monerod, I get two errors "cryptonote_protocol_handler.h:94 Unkonown command:1007" and "net_node.h:150 Unkonown command:1007"

I have never seen these errors. Is it safe to use cli-wallet to transfer funds? Should I be concerned? Using Monero 'Wolfram Warptangent' (v0.10.0.0-release) and macOS Sierra 10.12 (16A323).
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How can I run a node with fluffy blocks enabled?

Now that fluffy blocks (compact blocks) are enabled with release, how can I enable them on my node?
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How can I test fluffyblocks?

How can I test Fluffyblocks on mainnet? I found this GitHub repo linked on Reddit but I am unsure how to use it in production. Can I compile this source code to work with my existing blockchain or ...
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