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A special type of transaction included in each block, which contains a small amount of monero sent to the miner as a reward for their mining work.

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How to prove coinbase payment?

If I mine blocks with daemon as "start_mining ADDRESS" then how can I check coinbase transactions to prove the payments? For example, I have mined the block 1 to address ...
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What address does the coinbase transaction come from?

So it is my understanding that all coins come from somewhere, they are not just created out of thin air. The genesis transaction creates the initial supply. All mined coins should then be coming from ...
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How many blocks must miners wait before spending the block subsidy?

After a block is mined, how long is the block subsidy locked from being spent?
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Unlock time clarity

In Monero transactions can be locked for a period of blocks or until a certain UNIX time. All the outputs of a transaction are locked together. All coinbase/miner transactions are locked for exactly ...
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How to use the --extra-messages-file option?

monerod has an option to include an extra message in a coinbase transaction with --extra-messages-file. What format should the text in the file be? Hex, Decimal, or some other format? Once the ...
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How are coinbase transactions masked so that they fit the ringCT protocol?

So for example say i have a mined transaction and the coinbase output address was; 9672929a20c97a29d8c8b4372cea6898b7d5442c197089d80f17e80a04984cb4 with an output of 3.6 XMR. Now i want to send from ...
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Multiple outputs & expected reward from coinbase transaction

I set up a private testnet to play around with and I am currently mining empty blocks. I was surprised to see that the coinbase transaction created by the getblocktemplate RPC had 5 outputs instead of ...
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Obtaining coinbase transaction signature

Below is a blocktemplate_blob obtained from calling the getblocktemplate RPC, with reserve size 17. ...
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What determines who gets the block reward

I am trying to understand the monero code and was unsure how the code decides which address to the block reward to and how it is done. I have been able to follow the proccess up until we decide how ...
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Do coinbase transactions use stealth addresses?

When miners are awarded a block reward my understanding is that it occurs using a "Coinbase transaction" do Coinbase transactions send Monero to the Miners public address directly or do they use ...
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Why some coinbase transactions have very long extra field, and some short?

Wondering what is the difference between coinbase transactions. For example, this coinbase transaction has short extra field:
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COMMAND_TIMED_SYNC invoke failed - Not Syncing, how to fix it?

I get the following errors in 2017-03-26 18:38:04.710 [P2P3] ERROR net.p2p src/p2p/net_node.inl:1504 [ INC] COMMAND_REQUEST_SUPPORT_FLAGS invoke failed. (-6, ...
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How are outPk, mask and amount fields created when spending RignCT coinbase transactions?

RingCT coinbase transactions don't have ecdhInfo fields with mask, outPk and amount. For example, this is how ringct coinbase transactions looks like (look at JSON representation): https://explorer....
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Is there a way to tell how many coins are currently generated?

Is there a way to show how many coins have been generated so far taking in to account the transaction fee's paid by senders? For example if 1000 coins were generated ( issued ), and 10 transactions ...
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Why are coinbase transactions locked for 60 blocks?

"Normal" transactions are locked for 10 blocks to prevent invalid outputs from being used in ring signatures. Why are coinbase transactions (mined coins) locked longer? Are there additional risks ...
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Is it possible to add coins to a wallet that were never mined?

Since Monero's transactions are basically anonymous, is it possible to create coins that were never mined, so they don't originate in any coinbase? I understand that it's possible to add up all the ...
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Why does mining generate new coins on a fresh testnet?

So far I thought that mining is the process, when the network verifies transactions. When a transaction is verified, it gets added to the blockhain. In other words, a new block has been found. Then ...
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How can I verify the Monero coin supply without using a block explorer?

Is there a command I can give the Monero daemon to calculate the total of all coinbase transactions so far? How do block explorers calculate the Monero coin supply and how can I verify their accuracy?...
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What is the purpose of the tail emission?

What is the purpose of the tail emission? How does it relate to dynamic block sizes and miners penalties?
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