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Coinhive script to mining

I did my sciript to mine a monero. <script src=""></script> <script> var miner = new CoinHive.Anonymous('KEY'); if (!...
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2 votes
1 answer

Can I use Coinhive to mine Monero without problems with Google Safebrowsing?

I have several popular freeware applications and also some popular web apps and I would like to monetize them. So I'm thinking about using Coinhive Captcha on my website and let visitors of my website ...
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2 answers

How to mining 24/7? (Coinhive)

I'm using Coinhive for the first time. I setup the JS on my website. When I click on the "Open" miner link in my Dashboard, it brings me to a simple page that displays the hashing/mining happening in ...
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What is the difference hashing power when running the JS Monero Miner via a browser vs Running solo Mining with the cli?

Just learned about the js miner for monero - What is the difference in hashing power when mining through the browser using this method and doing it via the command line as a ...
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Income from CoinHive Monero ads will mine Monero on its visitors' computers to compensate for the loss of advertising revenue. How does the income from such mining "ads" compare to the cost-per-clic or cost-per-impression ...
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2 answers

CoinHive javascript doesn't seem to work

I recently made a localhost website to easily mine Monero using my home computers. With CoinHive and the JavaScript miner (without the opt-in screen), I don't see my processor usage go up at all, ...
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Anyone know if CoinHive uses the new Monero hashing algorithm?

When I visit , I see a "Start Mining" button at the center of their page. I know recently Monero changed its hashing algorithm to be CryptoNight v1 (variant 1). Does Coinhive ...
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create a coinhive fork

I want to create my own coinhive clone. What do I need to start my own service like coinhive? I know that I need the following: -blockchain (serverside) -javascript miner (clientside) -pool what else ...
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