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MyMonero Online Churning?

Does using MyMonero online wallet and sending it to yourself (churning) help increase privacy? I hear people say churning is good for the network. But online wallets do sacrifice some privacy for ...
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Is automated churning of XMR bad for privacy?

I've recently been learning a bit of Python and decided to try writing a couple of scripts for one of my favorite open source projects: Monero! I've written a script that runs on a sleep timer and ...
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How can I churn or send an individual Monero input?

In some situations, Monero's users should avoid linkages between outputs that they control. Some users may desire more anonymity sets than single ring signatures provide. To this end, the users may ...
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Churning and subaddresses

Today I was thinking about churning again. But I was wondering, since we now have subaddresses, does it matter or make any difference when I churn to the main-address or to a subaddress? Is one way ...
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