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Monero sent as part of a transaction, and which returns to your account instead of going to another recipient.

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How do I specify a change address with monero-wallet-cli transfer?

How do I specify a change address with monero-wallet-cli transfer address amount? Where can I find more information about monero-wallet-cli transfer? monero-wallet-cli --help does not give me anything ...
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When constructing a change output, does it have to be sent to the main public address?

I was thinking about how the behavior of spending Monero from the same wallet over time introduces the risk of eventually linking change outputs when they are later combined and spent. Can this be ...
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Can you determine the change transaction sent back to you?

Continuing off of this question, Does change appear as an output in a transaction?, can you determine that Alice's change transaction really is a change transaction? Or to put it a different way, can ...
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Does change appear as an output in a transaction?

Let say Alice wants to send Bob 10 XMR and she has 15, so assume the outputs are divided like this - transaction - { output #1 - {7, Bob's stealth address} output #2 - {3, Bob's stealth ...
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Who receives the change from stealth addresses?

Let's say I have the stealth addresses S1 (unspent outputs = 10 XMR), S2 (unspent outputs = 20 XMR), S3 (unspent outputs = 30 XMR). Then I'm sending 35 XMR of the outputs to another one-time public ...
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Are there improvements to enable spending of change funds faster?

Currently when you send coins from your address to another address. The change funds are locked in a "unconfirmed" state. This is a big UX issue as I can't spend my coins again and have to wait a few ...
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Coming from bitcoin, are there change address with monero?

In bitcoin when you send your coins, your technically sending everything and it comes back to your change address. Does monero have the same concepts of a change address, because I see that in monero ...
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Can view keys differentiate between payments and change?

Considering they track incoming payments as well as change, how do they know which one is which? If an organization wants to audit my account, and I've been sending a large number of transfers, won't ...
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What is the smallest unit of Monero called?

Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin, and the smallest unit of Bitcoin (10e-8 BTC) is a Satoshi. If Nicolas van Saberhagen authored Cryptonote, should the smallest unit of Monero (10e-12 XMR) be ...
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Help with sending on MyMonero

I just sent 6.9 monero from MyMonero, but it showed up as taking 10xmr out of my account instead of 6.9. On the receiving end it shows 6.9xmr as well. Where did the other 3.1 go?? Is that a "fee" ...
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Not enough spendable outputs error on MyMonero

Sometimes when I attempt to send multiple payments (totaling less than the sum of my balance) in a short period of time from I receive the error message: Not enough spendable outputs ...
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