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help connecting cakewallet to my full node

i can't figure out how to connect cakewallet to my remote node. i'm trying to use the onion address and it's staying red on my node list. i have set up orbot on my phone. any help would be ...
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Wallet is synced - won’t allow send

Title says it all. Been using cake wallet for years with no issues. As of today my wallet is synced, showing my balance in BTC, but the USD value is at 0. It won’t let me send anything even though the ...
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How do I get my Cake Wallet to sync?

Recently I created a Cake Wallet account and sent Monero to it. However, whenever I try to sync it, it continues to say "Starting Sync." I have tried connecting it to various different ...
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What is a reliable Monero remote nodes that is used in the CakeWallet mobile app?

I tried many of the monero nodes on monero world and many of them do not connect reliably when using the wallet cli. I find the cake wallet mobile app remote node to be most reliable. What is the ...
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Android wallet with Tor

Is there a way to force all connections through Tor on any android wallet? I tried Cake wallet with Orbot in VPN mode but I don't think it blocks connections without Tor if Orbot is off. I don't have ...
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Cake Wallet "Exception: Instance of 'WalletRestoreFromSeedException'"

I'm using Cake Wallet version 1.0.5 for android on a Samsung Galaxy S20+. When trying to restore a wallet from seed, I enter the mnemonic seed, a wallet name, and the restore height. Then when I ...
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Recovering Cake wallet from a lost iPhone to MyMonero on Android

I'm a new here so please bare with me. I would like to know if both of these wallets are compatible. I don't know much about the tech side but have Monero I need to recover from my lost (or stolen) ...
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Why does imported wallet not show correct balance?

I have imported my seed from CakeWallet to MyMonero on iPhone, but MyMonero wallet balance shows 0 XMR. What is the problem?
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How to buy monero for cash?

How to buy monero for cash ? I meet with the seller, then give him cash and send him my wallet address using some messenger. Then he using a laptop or smartphone send xmr to my address. How much time ...
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Node connection failed: check username / password on android monejuro monero wallet

I just setup my own monero node and connected it to monejuro. I'm able to access my wallets, but one of the wallet keeps giving me the error: Node connection failed: check username / password The ...
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When scanning blocks via the android mobile wallets like monejuro and cakewallet, does scanning happen server side or clientside?

Scanning takes awhile when using a mobile monero wallet like monejuro and cakewallet. Is the scanning of these blocks done on the server side or the client side? Does having a beefy monero node help ...
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Support for a Ledger Nano S Recovery Plan B?

For a Ledger Nano S recovery contingency plan, how can one compute an associated vector of 25 Electrum wallet recovery words for each primary address using BIP 44 technology that is seeded from BIP 39 ...
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