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Borromean ring signatures used by Monero instead of Schnorr signatures as of the RingCT hard fork in January 2017

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What is key64 data type supposed to represent?

In the codebase I saw key64, I am guessing it is 64 bytes array, but what is it meant to represent in genBorromean for example? A point/number?
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How Ed25519 curve relates to Borromean Ring Signature scheme?

Is it correct to say that Monero private keys are generated using Ed25519 curve and then Borromean Ring Signature scheme is used to sign transactions? In other words, is Ed25519 curve "compatible" ...
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Confused about the RingCT protocol

I'm a newcomer. I'm a bit confused about the current protocol and I don't quite feel like reading the code yet. I've been reading Shen Noether's paper as well as related work. (1) I understand that ...
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RingCT migration to Borromean Ring Signatures and testing

With the recent discovery of a bug in the original ringCT code, and the subsequent update from using ASNL to Borromean Ring Signatures, how much testing has been done since that change, and what kind ...
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What are Borromean signatures?

For more background info visit GitHub or Bitcointalk It looks like borromean signatures are going to be replacing schnorr signatures in the RingCT hardfork. What does this mean for Monero and RingCT ...
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