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How does the function get_and_convert_block_blob_from_height work?

"get_and_convert_block_blob_from_height" function is called multiple times when running the binaries such as depth, export, import. What does it do and how does it work ?
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What is the structure of the .raw exported blockchain file like?

The monero-blockchain-export tool allows one to export the blockchain as a .raw file. My question is, what does the structure of the file like, and what are some of the tools that can be used to ...
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Can I quickly move my node from my Windows box to a virtualbox Ubuntu guest by making the blockchain path a shared folder?

That's. That's pretty much it. I'm just wondering if I can do this and whether it'll work properly. Just shut down the Ubuntu guest, go into the VBox manager, make the folder with the extant ...
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Export Last N block

It is possible to export the first N blocks using option --block-stop in monero-blockchain-export. Is it possible to export the last N blocks ?
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Can I use a copy of a blockchain created on Mac OS X, on an offline Ubuntu (ARMv7) box?

I created a wallet on an offline/air-gapped Ubuntu box, but my main computer is a Mac. If I want to sync the offline Ubuntu wallet to check the balance, can I use the blockchain created on my Mac? If ...
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Export the blockchain from database format to raw vs just moving the files

What are the pros and cons of using the following command to export the Monero blockchain from a Linux OS to a flash drive? monero-blockchain-export --output-file /media/a/Transcend/ How does the ...
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How do you convert the Monero blockchain from Linux to Windows?

I know there is a tool that can be used to convert the format but what steps should be taken to do so?
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