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I don't understend the data of my private tesnet shown in the onion explorer

I am new to Monero and I am conducting an analysis of the Monero blockchain. To do this, I have set up my own private testnet (following this tutorial:
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Will the upcoming Seraphis upgrade change anything with regard to the blockchain size and the pruning of the blockchain?

Will the upcoming Seraphis upgrade change anything with regard to the blockchain size and the pruning of the blockchain?
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Switching blockchain locations on a Windows machine

strange thing happened. I am in the middle of syncing blockchain ~65%, and first decided to do it on a HDD. Apparently it needs a lot of random I/O - I can hear the disk working. It's going to take ...
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monerod in Linux, syntax for path --data-dir

What is the path syntax in Linux? monerod --data-dir {different drive than monerod} Drive of \data-mdb is formatted in Windows, monerod runs in Linux.
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Fastest and easiest way of downloading a few thousand (cca. 200k) consecutive blocks

For a project, I need to download and analyze a few thousand (say around 200k) consecutive blocks with all the corresponding transactions data. I'm most interested in recent blocks. What would be the ...
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Does Monero have an equivalent of OP_RETURN? [duplicate]

Or is there any other way of storing arbitrary data on the monero blockchain? If so what are the limits in terms of size, or anything else?
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Is there a way to see the blockheight at a specific point in time?

Let's say I wanted to know what the exact blockheight of the Monero blockchain was on March 21st 2019. Is there a way to do this or an easy to follow chart or something?
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Time from the block added to the pool to time it gets executed

Is there a way to get the data for when each block has been added to the pool and to when it has been executed in monero?
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Understanding the structure of Monero's LMDB and how explore its contents using mdb_stat

I am interested in understanding the structure of Monero's database LMDB and using mdb_stat to extract relevant information from it. I am assuming querying it directly (i.e. via mdb_stat) for ...
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If I delete the .bitmonero data.mdb, will it delete my wallet or the ability for me to access my wallet?

My .bitmonero/lmdb/data.mdb takes up too much space on my computer, and I'd like to delete it. If I do that, will it cause problems accessing my wallet?
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When does validation of blocks occur

At what point does a miner validate blocks shared and created by other miners on the blockchain?
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Does anyone have test data that illustrates the CryptoNight 7 algorithm?

With the new CryptoNight 7 algorithm Monero introduced back in April, does anyone have an example of a data blob and a nonce that successfully hashes the block? I'm trying to figure out how to test ...
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How to make a symlink to an external drive? [closed]

I have an external drive that I want to store my blockchain on. I gather that I can make a symlink to my .bitmonero folder so the blockchain automatically gets stored on the external drive but I don't ...
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Which directory does monero-blockchain-import, by default, use to store the imported blockchain?

I am not sure if this makes sense or not. I was using an old version of the Monero GUI and I was stuck at block 140001. I thought it was a sycning problem so I downloaded the raw blockchain from ...
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How can I sync my blockchain using only other computers on my LAN?

I have two other computers which have synced blockchains on my LAN and would like to update the new blockchain using only data from the other computers on my LAN, so as to avoid extra external ...
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How to configure two daemons to use the same database?

Do I just have to make sure they have the same data-dir?
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Can the same input appear in a block multiple times?

I have questions regarding two situations: Suppose there are two transactions being made. One uses inputs A, B, and C, with C being the real one. Another is sent using inputs A, D, and E, with E ...
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Can the GUI daemon and the CLI daemon share the same data-dir at the same time?

Can the GUI daemon and the CLI daemon share the same data-dir at the same time? Both running simultaneously?
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Why would you need multiple daemons using one LMDB database?

From the release notes of the latest monero 0.10.2 version: added support for multiple daemons using the same LMDB database What sensible use case should that cover? From my understanding, LMDB ...
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Can I set up the GUI or daemon to use a non-standard blockchain location in Windows?

In Windows, it's comfortable to double-click the link/icon to a program (as opposed to using the command line). The problem is that the default links/icons for the GUI or daemon (monerod) don't let ...
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Equivalent of TX index=1 in Bitcoin

I believe that the Monero blockchain database is already the equivalent of running Bitcoin core with txindex set to 1. Is this correct? Are there any options to increase the TX or other metadata ...
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Can the Monero block chain be used for anonymous communication/ data storage/ private records for small to big entity?

Can the Monero block chain be used to transmit anonymous messages or for data storage?, For example a military secret, confidential state data, company private records, employee payroll, private ...
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Is there a way to search the blockchain by mixin?

Is there a tool that I can use to search the blockchain for transactions sorted by number of mixins? For example if I wanted to find all transactions with exactly 10 mixins how would I do it?
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