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practice of studying blockchain data to make inferences in attempt to link transactions, account and identities.

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Can someone explain me what is monero-blockchain-usage?

How can I access the monero-blockchain-usage and what is the use of it ? could someone explain after input our db what should I do ?
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Fastest and easiest way of downloading a few thousand (cca. 200k) consecutive blocks

For a project, I need to download and analyze a few thousand (say around 200k) consecutive blocks with all the corresponding transactions data. I'm most interested in recent blocks. What would be the ...
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Understanding the structure of Monero's LMDB and how explore its contents using mdb_stat

I am interested in understanding the structure of Monero's database LMDB and using mdb_stat to extract relevant information from it. I am assuming querying it directly (i.e. via mdb_stat) for ...
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Intentionally reveal unspent transaction outputs (UTXOs)

As per this discussion I learned it is not possible in Monero to count the total unspent transaction outputs (UTXOs) in the blockchain to verify the total coin supply. I can understand that this is ...
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Difference between Monero and CoinJoin [closed]

How does Monero provide any additional anonymity for the sender over a CoinJoin transaction? I get that it provides anonymity of the receiver and the amount spent via stealth addresses and RingCT, ...
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Impact of Topological data analysis on Monero

What is Topological data analysis? Can it be used to study the Monero blockchain and degrade the privacy of transactions as claimed by Gary Le in the interview referenced by this answer?
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Does the key vector approach in RingCT represent linkability among transactions? Can it be exploited by blockchain analysis?

As I understand from MRL-0005 (Definition 4.1 in page 9), when creating a RingCT transaction with, say, m inputs, n outputs, and q mixin, the i-th member (where i=0...q) of the ring signature R is ...
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Ring signature and blockchain analysis

I'm struggling to understand how ring signatures protect against blockchain analysis. Each time a transaction is made on the Monero blockchain some outputs already present on the blockchain are used ...
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How will the temporal output alignment of ring partners (mixins) be addressed?

The Issue: If you only own outputs in a short span of blocks and you spend them, the mixin partners (the fake outputs / ring partners) will be different for each of the outputs and have a blockchain ...
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