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cryptocurrency exchange that was the 2nd USA based exchange to list Monero (after Poloniex)

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Don't have Mnemonic seed from --- Can I still access funds that I sent to offline wallet?

update: I realize what I did. I went and created an offline wallet on but didn't write down the info. Noob mistake I suppose. If anyone can help me find a way to still ...
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Wrong monero wallet adress (claymore, nanopool)

I wonder what I'm doing wrong when I try to mine monero with claymore and nanopool. See pic below. I've written in my base adress and my payment id. Is there something I do not understand?
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Can i receive payment from bittrex without payment id?

I created offline paper wallet from and i gave me no payment ID. asks for payment ID.Can i receive my funds from Bittrex just using my public address without payment ID?
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Why is AEON wallet not working on Bittrex?

Withdrawals and deposits for AEON are disabled on Bittrex, while trading works. Is there actual maintenance going on? Are developers in contact with Bittrex? When do you expect this problem to be ...
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Is there any exchange that offers a Monero/Aeon trading pair?

Aeon is the cleanest fork of Monero and shares a developer and some community members. Are there any exchanges where Monero can be traded for Aeon directly without the need to use Bitcoin as an ...
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