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Deposit to Binance with version 15.0.1

The GUI wallet doesn't give me an option to include a payment ID and Binance requires it. Possible settings like those in version 14 no longer show. How do I send XMR to Binance now? Thanks in advance....
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1 vote
0 answers

How do I send XMR to Binance? [duplicate]

I am looking to send xmr to binance, any one who have already done this, it will be really helpful for me.
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1 answer

Monero deposit did not arrive on binance [duplicate]

I have made a deposit of XMR at 16:29:50 CET on 2018-05-02 (Now almost 16 hours ago). I am using Monero GUI v0.11.1.0. The transaction id is ...
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What is the XMR Withdrawal field for when there is another address field on top for Binance?

On the binance withdraw website, there is an xmr address field and then below it there is another xmr withdrawal field. What is that field for?
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