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What are the benefits of background mining compared to running it at a low CPU/IO priority?

That is using bg-mining-enable=true bg-mining-min-idle-interval=5 # seconds bg-mining-idle-threshold=200 # average idle % in /etc/monerod.conf instead of something like [Service] ... Nice=5 ...
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How to run monero-wallet-rpc in background without revealing my password to the server?

I know that I can run the Monero RPC wallet in the background on Ubuntu by adding a & to the command or by using setsid. But that would result in me having to use the following code on the ...
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running monerod on background thread always stops after some time

When I run monerod on a background fork in linux, it always stops after sometime. Why is this? I have tried using monerod --detach and nohup monerod & and it still stops after awhile. I can't ...
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Is it safe to leave "back ground mining" on as long as I want too?

I know that the "back ground mining" option with the new version of Monero Core is 'experimental', but is it relatively safe to leave on and not worry about your computer over heating? ...
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