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Android Monerujo wallet doesn't detect monero wallet files from another phone

I got a new phone and installed Monerujo, but the old wallet files from another phone located in the Monerujo folder isn't be being detected on the new phone even though the directory structure is the ...
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1 answer

monero-wallet-gui on android playstore

As of today, what would be required to deploy monero-wallet-gui on android playstore?
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Is userland running monero gui possible and safe?

I'm thinking of buying a used tablet with Android and installing user land then installing the Monero GUI in user land. Is this a security risk?
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How to access Monero functions on Android?

I am trying to run Monero on Android. Basically I want to access C++ core functions like make_ring_signature and create_transaction etc on Android. I followed these two links: https://forum....
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How to run a local daemon with android?

After some research, I found that monerod compiling was disabled on get_libwallet_api. I enabled and everything is ok. I tried to insert it on the apk package but inserting failed, so I compiled the ...
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