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Moneros stuck in blockchain with 2400 confirmations [duplicate]

I have instructed an amount with Monero. I used the original Monero GUI wallet. Unfortunately, I had not updated it in time and then I guess my Moneros got stuck in the blockchain. Meanwhile I tried ...
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Can the secret amount passed to recipient be different from the committed amount?

As I (roughly) understand it, every tx output has a public amount Pedersen commitment and also the real amount (along with a blinding factor) is encrypted such that only the recipient can know it. My ...
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Format of numbers decoded from ECDH amount

After decoding the amount from ecdh amount, we get the numbers which is obvious not in decimal, e.g. "0010a5d4e8000000". Then we can transfer them into integer with the following python code and get "...
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How to distinguish between the amount of the real input amount and the decoys

Since every transaction has multiple decoys from previous transactions that are connected to it (while only one is real), how does the user link the amount that is linked to the "real" transaction? ...
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Where is the encrypted Monero amounts in a transaction?

Looking at a monero transaction, I can't see any amounts. Where is this encrypted exactly? Take for example:
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Why my amount decryption fails sometimes?

Thanks to great answers to this question I managed to improve my output recognition code, however I still have issues with some payments. The amounts are garbled, which means the xor mask is probably ...
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