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Questions about Monero address format, length, checksum and validity.

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Verify transaction was sent by known public address

Is there a way to check/verify if a transaction was sent by a specific known public address? Thanks for your help!
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Monero address prefix creation algorithm

As I read in the monerobook: uint64_t const CRYPTONOTE_PUBLIC_ADDRESS_BASE58_PREFIX = 18; Monero's main network uses '18' to indicate a primary address (this is why Monero primary addresses begin ...
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Missing 1 character in Monero address generation from a seed using Javascript

I have an interesting one off case with a Monero address generation where I am generating a 94 character Monero address vs 95 characters. However when I take the private_spend_key and run it through ...
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Monero address validation using Java

I wonder if there is a Java implementation of Monero addresses validation code somewhere? I've found this JS implementation which seems to work well:
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How to programatically validate Monero address

When withdrawing with BTC this line of code checks for empty wallet and a false wallet addresses and aborts the withdrawal if either are detected. I have the empty part working for XMR what would I ...
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Sent monero to the wrong address

I know that if I transfer moneroj to an incorrect but otherwise valid address, I will lose my moneroj. So I am wondering: What is the likelihood that a 95-character string corresponds to a valid ...
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Aeon support at

According to a message found on the website: Only XMR is fully supported by this site. Use at your own risk, there is no warranty, etc. Despite this warning message, in ...
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How to perform a simple verification of a Monero address with a regular expression?

For people that want to do a simple verification of a Monero address to ensure it has been entered correctly, what are some methods that can be employed?
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How can I check if a Monero address is valid?

Handling a user's input in which I want to make sure that he used a valid monero address. Bitcoin has all these rules found here and I found something similar for ethereum as well. I was wondering ...
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What do Monero addresses have in common?

Monero addresses are very long and are supposed to be random, but I have noticed that all of them start with the number 4. Are there any other similarities shared by all Monero addresses?
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Why are Monero addresses so long?

A raw Monero address is 95 characters long compared to 26-34 characters for a Bitcoin address. Monero integrated address are even longer at 106 characters. What is the cryptographic reason that ...
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