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How does RingCT work? [duplicate]

How does RingCT work in hiding transaction amounts and how can it ensure that an output with 3 monero is used in a transaction with outputs of 1 and 2 monero but not 2 and 2?
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What advantages does Monero offer that are not provided by other cryptocurrencies?

What are the advantages provided by using Monero compared with other popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin? Specifically, what unique features does Monero have relating to privacy, PoW security ...
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How does Monero privacy and security compare to Zcash?

How does Monero privacy compare to Zcash? What are the key security risks associated with each design? Since important Monero improvements are in active development and Zcash has yet to launch, ...
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How is Monero compared to Dash?

There are 2 main privacy-centric Bitcoin-like payment blockchain and cryptocurrencies – Dash and Monero and are always being compared to one another. What are their similarities and differences?
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What is RingCT and how does it compare to Confidential Transactions?

What is RingCT and how does the addition of Ring Signatures enhance the privacy properties of RingCT compared to Confidential Transactions as designed by Greg Maxwell?
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How does Monero privacy and security compare to ZCoin?

How does Monero (XMR) privacy compare to ZCoin (XZC)? Can ZCoin protect the privacy of transaction amounts like Monero will do with RingCT, or are ZCoin transaction amounts visible similar to Monero ...
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How does Ring Confidential Transactions work?

Can someone explain to me how RingCT works and how the recipient gets the actual amount from the encrypted amount in a RingCT transaction?
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How does RingCT work with / without coefficients?

I was trying to get more information on how RingCT works, I found the thread I linked to below here on the stack exchange. In the other thread, the most upvoted answer explains it as a coefficient, ...
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How does a third-party verify that I have the XMR to make a payment?

Say I have 10 XMR but I want to pay out 11 XMR. How do nodes tell that I don't have enough XMR? Do I have to share my viewkey with them?
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How does RingCT prevent doublespend ?

For what I know about RingCT it use fake outputs to mask the amount that is transaction between address's, how do we know that the fakeoutputs are correct and that is noone messing with them?
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Multiple outputs & expected reward from coinbase transaction

I set up a private testnet to play around with and I am currently mining empty blocks. I was surprised to see that the coinbase transaction created by the getblocktemplate RPC had 5 outputs instead of ...
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