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How do you import a wallet from the private keys into simplewallet? [duplicate]

Is there a way you can import a wallet into simplewallet from the private spend key and private view key? I know you can import the view key to create a view wallet, but I can't see how to import the ...
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Can my mnemonic seed be hex data instead of something ASCII based?

Can I enter my seed in as hex data instead of typing words in like normal? edit: I'm hoping to increase entropy of my key if I'm able to go past the 7F ascii Hex boundary.
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Why is there a fee to import old transactions when using mymonero web wallet?

When opening and old wallet created by simplewallet, I'm asked for a fee to import old transactions, why?
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Can I restore my account using just the keys file?

Can I restore my account without seed and wallet file, using just the keys file? and do I need to know the password if you can restore from key file?
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Can I sweep funds in mymonero to another wallet?

I have too little funds in MyMonero. Is there a way I can sweep those funds into another wallet? I'm guessing I tried doing this once before, but it didn't like me sending all because it wanted some ...
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converting view-only wallet to spend wallet

I created an offline paper wallet, then use the view key to create a view-only wallet with "monero-wallet-cli --generate-from-view-key" command. My test send from an exchange to this wallet works, ...
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646 views balance verification, wallet restoration, and usage precautions

I have used the website to generate a wallet, sent some funds using I kept my spend and view key, my wallet address and mnemonic. All this was done offline except for ...
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Is the entropy for the mnemonic seed and the private spend key exactly the same?

Since one is just another representation of the other, is the entropy for the mnemonic seed and the private spend key exactly the same? Are there any security benefits of using one over the other for ...
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How to sweep coins from an existing monero address if you have all the keys?

I have a bunch of xmr addresses with all the keys. How can I sweep the coins from these addresses into my own? Which wallet support this feature?
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Can I recover my wallet?

I forgot my mnemonic seed. I only have the wallet address, monero payment id and monero transaction id (hash). Is there something I can do to recover my coins or are they lost forever?
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