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Monero-wallet-gui: while synchronizing, blocks remaining number increases [duplicate]

I used monero-wallet-gui to import a paper wallet. Synchronization started from the beginning. Synchronization ran very fast and perfectly well until the moment when my funds appeared, more or less (...
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GUI wallet stopped syncing

I opened the gui wallet after a month of not using it. It started syncing for a day but then just stopped. It says it is connected and syncing but stays at the same last block. I have restarted it ...
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Why is Monero GUI stuck when it says it's syncing?

Save a newbie of Monero and Linux. I'm running Ubuntu and Monero 'Wolfram Warptangent' (v0.10.3.1-release). Network status is green and says synchronizing, but blocks remaining moves up 1 every so ...
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Syncronisation problem on Geekbox running node from SD card

I have a Geekbox ( and I'm trying to run a full node on it. I installed the Lubuntu 14.04 only OS (removed the Android partitions), but considering that only gives 14GB of hard drive space, ...
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Monero wallet stuck synchronising and I don't understand the "unstuck" guide: please clarify

As stated my wallet on windows is stuck with 39179 blocks remaining. I am trying to follow this guide My blockchain is stuck, how do I "unstuck" it? but the steps are not clear to me. I ...
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Monero GUI wallet stuck/increasing while syncing blockchain

Monero GUI wallet stuck/increasing while syncing blockchain I downloaded the Monero GUI wallet and have been attempting to sync the blockchain for a couple of days now. I left it overnight with about ...
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Buy with Address instead of integrated address - monero wallet GUI

I ve used my address instead of an integrated address to buy monero coins via an online plateform and now the balance of my wallet is not updating. Does anyone know what I should do in this case? ...
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Problem with speed of synchronization

I have mined 0.1 Monero on MinerGate and since yesterday am transferring it to the wallet. After 24 hours it's got about 20% ... Is this slowness normal ..? It will take about 5 days to finish the ...
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Can't find $HOME/.bitmonero in MacOS

I tried searching "$HOME/.bitmonero" and just ".bitmonero" in my finder window and then pressing command+shift+. but I can't find anything...?
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Monero GUI goes from connected to still downloading?

I am having fits with this monero wallet.. got the right program so that is not the issue. It will show me connected, but no balance. then it will go back to downloading blocks. What the heck..this ...
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