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Does Monero have any mobile wallets available?

Mobile usage is growing very fast worldwide. Monero transactions should be easy to conduct from any device Does Monero have any Android or iOS wallets available? If there are no mobile wallets today,...
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How do I connect monero-wallet-cli to a remote node?

In the post What privacy or security trade offs are associated with not running your own full node? the privacy ramifications of connecting monero-wallet-cli to a remote node are discussed. However, I ...
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Does having a separated daemon add security risks to Monero?

For example, what if someone created malware to get in between the two programs (wallet and daemon), pretending to be the daemon and logging all the info before sending it along to the real daemon? I ...
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How far will Monero scale up (gradually or instantaneous)?

Say the economy of Iceland decides to use Monero as their official currency overnight. It would fail, right? I am pretty sure that the network could not handle a million daily transactions (how many ...
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Is it safe to use a remote node?

I started using Monero from now and my laptop takes a lot of time to download the blockchain. Also, my SSD is small and nearly full. I was reading about the use of a remote node to sync my wallet, ...
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What are some reliable public monero nodes one can connect to using their Monerujo app?

Many times some public nodes are down and I don't want to connect to non-known public ones as shown in the monerujo app. Or does it not provide a risk at all? What are some public monero nodes one ...
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MyMonero is down again, how do I get my money out? is once again down for maintenance. Is there any way to get my funds out of my wallet, or are they permanently stuck there?
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How can you minimize risks to your privacy when using a remote node?

If a user sends Monero through a remote node, then the remote node operator would know the originating IP of that transaction. What are the steps that a user is able to take to reduce this potential ...
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How does a wallet using a remote node select ring members?

If I'm going to have decoys in my transactions, I need to know about them somehow. How does Monero prevent the remote node I'm connected to from feeding me known ring members, effectively ruining that ...
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From a privacy perspective, what does wallet reveal to node when it syncs and broadcasts transactions?

Asking because Tor support (using torsocks) is unstable. Trying to wrap my mind around the privacy implications of using a public node vs a self-hosted private node (without routing connections ...
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