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What is a stealth address?

Canonical question on stealth addresses: They are mentioned in the context of privacy of Bitcoin transactions but are also implemented in Cryptonote based currencies. What are they and how would they ...
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Can a One-Time public key be used for more than one payment?

If I understand correctly, every new payment will ideally have a different one-time public key for increased privacy. However, could a one-time public key receive Monero more than once (as in ...
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Monero Genesis transaction & nonce - clarification

This is a case of explain like i'm five. I pretty much got the idea, thanks to knaccc in answer Monero Genesis transaction & nonce. But just to be clear. If I wanted to generate a new "empty" ...
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How can someone run all blockchain and check if certain block has tx belonging to viewkey

Based on JAXX problem in integrate the monero wallet on their service I was wonder how can one run all the blockchain and check the blocks for belolonging TX from certain viewkey Is there any ...
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Private key - implications of sharing and relationship to public address

1) What is the relationship between the private view key and its associated public address? 2) What concerns are there about sharing or even publicizing a private viewkey?
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Building an integrated address from a regular address and old-style payment ID

I have a bot for automated sending of XMR. The bot can send XMR to integrated addresses only, without separate payment ID support. One customer has given me both a regular address and an old-style ...
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How many characters can be missing or mis-typed in a Monero address to still be valid?

If I mis-typed or left out some characters, what is the threshold where the address won't be valid? I know Bitcoin and some other addresses have some type of error correction built into the address. ...
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Genesis block successfully created but not visable in wallet-cli

I created a testnet environment, successfully created the genesis block, however don't see it reflected in the wallet-cli with the correct genesis wallet. Is there perhaps a unlock time on the ...
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How can I get the right Keccak-256 tools. The online tool seems wrong...?

I want to test this StackExchange Q/A. which got 889DA12A88D36BCE0966AB1A79125779DD1F2FC6F1145DE131FD52A5B468796D from % keccak -256 198584347013dd91832be3d82529437db7cc8e1850e559cdd3872b29ca819601 ...
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sc_reduce32 returning wrong private view key

Based on this old answer, independently of the programming language (I'm using node.js with BigInt(), though), to generate the private spend key you should: Start with a seed (the same as the private ...
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Simulating stealth address construction with JavaScript

I am trying to build an exercise. I want to produce a random 256-bit seed to give as an input for creating a Monero stealth address. 1) What are the restrictions on this seed in practice? I know it ...
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