When trying to generate cold wallets using the "Ice Cold Storage, One-Time-Use 2FA Account"; I ran into an error when trying to generate the address. I created a randomly generated address first, but when I try to put in the 'public address' and combine it with a 2FA key it gives me this error


The public address I used was:


and the 2FA key I chose was just:


Am I supposed to be inputing another type of public address?

Edit: I am using https://xmr.llcoins.net/

  • That looks like an error in the code. It might be loaded outdated references. Clear cache, force reload, see if it helps.
    – user36303
    Sep 22, 2019 at 14:16

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By putting "random" in box 10 and your address in box 11, it successfully generate a new address.
Do you still have the problem? Are you filling the same boxes?

By the way I was using the site online, which is absolutely to avoid when using the redeem function.

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