Upon creating a wallet in the GUI. At what point does the wallet.cpp scan the BC to get a creation height?. My wallet creation height seems to be different completely to the actual blockchain height.

It is normally the current blockchain height. Do you see a different behavior? How do you tell it's not the blockchain height from wallet creation time?

  • Gettings a creation height of 25000+/- which is way below the actual height.. Tried scanning the the wallet.cpp & settings.qml to try source the issue however i don't see how it gets to that number. – Wesley Jul 12 at 8:23
  • Was the daemon synced when you created the wallet? – el00ruobuob Jul 12 at 9:46
  • no it hadden't sync'd, got any idea how its getting 25000 as a block height? – Wesley Jul 12 at 12:32
  • I was thinking the daemon may have seen 25000 blocks... – el00ruobuob Jul 12 at 13:09

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