Is there any method, other than polling, to subscribe to new blocks being published on the Monero network? I want to get notified whenever a new block is published on the network on my app.


The current Monero release allows you to call a program in those cases:

When a block in added to the blockchain, you can trigger a command using monerod's --block-notify option.

When a transaction is received by the wallet (both when seen in the txpool and after its first confirmation), you can trigger a command using monero-wallet-{cli,rpc}' --tx-notify option.

Both of those options take as parameter a program and optional parameters. Every instance of %s will be replaced by the block hash or transaction hash which triggered the notification. Note that this is a program and optional parameters, and not a shell command, if you want redirection or pipes, you'll have to call a shell (eg, --tx-notify bash -e 'echo %s >> /tmp/hashes'). Parsing is limited, so you can't use quotes and backslashes to escape spaces. If you need complex parsing, write a script to do it and call the script.

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No. Polling is the only way. You only need to poll once every couple of minutes at most though.

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  • Can't websocket be used for the same? – Alisha Gupta Jun 13 '18 at 11:46
  • No. The daemon doesn't implement a websocket server. Only RPC. – jtgrassie Jun 13 '18 at 11:47

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