Okay so the start of this Nightmare was that I originally sent LTC to changelly then they sent XMO to my MyMonero wallet, the balance was incorrect (0.00000). So I then used the same keys, same address as the payment was sent to, and I opened a monero GUI v12 wallet and waited 30 hours for it to sync. Finally I log into the wallet and it also says 0.00 which is confusing to me where the money really "went." My transaction does show up on this block chain explorer Changelly gave me the Output hash of : 276afd09237d2d48f5d6542bae273f09d8e05d31379e38f62c80ad754050bf28 This Hash doesn't show on any of the other Monero Blockchain explorers. I really would appreciate help with this because its causing me an incredible amount of stress and I want to recover my funds. Thank You

  • This question has nothing to do with MyMonero if you were sent XMO instead of XMR. As you stated The hash they gave you does not represent a valid Monero transaction. – Smart Kid Jun 14 '18 at 1:28

You cannot receive XMO to the current MyMonero or Monero applications. XMO is not XMR. For the same reason, you wont find your XMO transaction on any XMR block explorers.

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