I'm attempting to run the monero-blockchain-blackball utility in PureOS, and I'm running into a permission error.

I used the syntax to select the tool, then the Monero blockchain, then a forked blockchain (I'm using Monero v6 for testing). The syntax is described here.

Upon running the command, I receive the following text:

Failed to create a transaction for the db: Permission denied

I deleted the /.shared-ringdb folder, but the error persists.

How can I fix this permission error?

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monero-blockchain-blackball is seeing that the monero v6 blockchain has incorrect block, and is trying to fix it, but the blockchain is opened read only, so it's failing. This is a bug, since it's expected that the v6 blockchain is borked since people continued mining on it with obsolete software. Please file this on github.com for the developers to fix it.

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