I've built the 0.12.1 Monero Core release and tried to create the wallet from my Ledger Nano S on device, but get the following error:

Error: failed to generate new wallet: Fail SCard API : (-2146435069) Invalid handle. Device=0, hCard=0, hContext=1

Things I have done:

  • Set up the SmartCard service as much as I could from the instructions from Ledger Github instructions. I was able to carry out steps 1 to 3 successfully (the file existed for me to ultimately edit). However, note that I am using Mac OS 10.13 and there is no SmartCard installer for 10.13 from the link supplied in the instructions. The 10.12 installer didn't work. Maybe I don't have SmartCard service installed?
  • had the Ledger Nano S on Beta 0.12.4 installed.
  • had the Monero app active on the Ledger Nano S on before trying to create the wallet.

Any ideas?

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I have written a more descriptive guide to this part of the system configuration

After some help from IRC (thanks selsta), they discovered it was my user error.

In this part of the instructions supplied by Ledger, I didn't add the 2nd string because it already existed and I didn't think I needed to duplicate it. When I did add it, it worked.

In <key>ifdVendorID</key> add the entry <string>0x2C97</string>
In <key>ifdProductID</key> add the entry <string>0x0001</string>
In <key>ifdFriendlyName</key> add the entry <string>Ledger Token</string>

FYI: this error can happen as well when the USB cable is faulty.

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