When sending a transaction from the GUI, I get an error:

Can't reate transaction: internal error: Known ring does not include the spent output [number]. Replace [number] with a specific number.

What can I do to enable the sending of the transaction?

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This isn't an excellent answer, but for now, you can get around this by deleting the .shared-ringdb folder.

For Windows, this located in C:\ProgramData\.shared-ringdb

For Mac OS X and Linux, this is located in ~/.shared-ringdb

Note that ~ is typically short for home/<user-name>

Restart the GUI, and you should be able to send a transaction.

  • Will it be fixed in
    – janowitz
    May 14, 2018 at 16:23

There was a bug in early versions which would cause this if the shared ring database failed to initialize. In current code, this is fixed. Since there are other major bugs (mainly a wallet side reporting bug), noone should use anymore, and updating will solve this. will be released within the week, and is the recommended version if you don't have to wait for builds. In the meantime, is out.

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