Using the cli wallet, I swept my (pre-MoneroV fork) xmr to a new address using segregate-pre-fork-outputs appended to the command. Then in the daemon I typed print_tx xxxxxxx where xxxxxx is the txid of the transaction. The daemon only prints the block height. Not the ring. Is segregate-pre-fork-outputs only set up to work with the transfer command and not the sweep_all command? If so, I can't use the print_tx command to show the ring. However, I copied and saved all the text printed out during the sweep_all command in the wallet. It shows 8 inputs, each with 6 block heights, and an asterisk next to one of the blocks for each input. Is there some way to use that information to determine the ring for a MoneroV transaction?

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The syntax changed recently, and you have to add "+json" to get what you need:

print_tx TXID +json

The reason was that this could be pretty spammy, so is not disabled by default.

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