I have made a deposit of XMR at 16:29:50 CET on 2018-05-02 (Now almost 16 hours ago). I am using Monero GUI v0.11.1.0. The transaction id is e793d31e00250540da8a1edab7a2aab6f063767e1c604c6634c5b9e9f2c1afad. I have used the correct payment id and deposit adress but the XMR's are still not on my Binance account. The balance on my wallet is back to 0 and all transactions are confirmed. It seems I have done everything correct but my XMR's seem to be lost. Could you please hep me?

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First thing you have to do is, download the newest version of the Monero Client GUI and import your wallet there. Make sure to user version 0.12.

Then sync the blockchain and let's see if you still have that issue.

I think you will actually see that you still have your Moneros in your wallet and that the transaction didn't work out.

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