I know that there is a fee to use MyMonero to import monero to a mymonero wallet.

My question is this - is the fee deducted from the imported monero, before it is lodged in the mymonero wallet, or do i need to pay with monero before the import occurs - so effectively I need to have monero to pay the import cost before it allows the import?


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It's not a fee for importing moneros. It's a fee for importing your address's transaction history. A wallet cannot import moneros because moneros are not stored in wallets. They're stored at addresses on the blockchain.

Your address could have a history associated with it, if someone has previously sent moneros to it, or if you you have previously used some other wallet software to spend moneros from it. If you pay the fee, MyMonero will trawl through a copy of the blockchain (kept on a mymonero.com server) and figure out your transaction history.

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