What is src/blocks/checkpoints.dat and why is it not plaintext in the source code?

In the source code src/blocks for Lithium Luna I see checkpoints.dat but it is not plaintext. I was under the impression that all source code should be human readable.

Can someone explain what this file is and what scenarios result in non-plaintext files in source code? Many thanks!


It is the set of block hashes from the genesis block to a fairly recent block, and is used to speed sync up for historical blocks. It is typically updated shortly before a new release.

Those hashes are stored as is so they can be read without having to parse hex strings, which would be slower and use more memory.

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  • I see, thanks User36303. Easily readable with a hex editor. I'm surprised gedit doesn't read hex but apparently so. – gdoober Apr 23 '18 at 3:14

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