Interested in weather offline signing for 2/3 Multisig wallets is possible in this setup.

I have three computers Airgapped from the internet, and a USB. I imagine i can pull down some outputs for the ring signature creation from the blockchain from a online connected computer. I put these outputs onto a USB stick and transfer them to computer A, A conducts some offline signing process and builds the transaction, then i transfer on a USB A's signed TX + key image which B also signs. then that tx is taken to the online computer and submitted to the network.

So i have some questions, is the process described above possible? if so how would i get the data from the online computer into computer A, IE how does the process work is there some command in the CLI?


Details of multisig in the answers to this question: How to Use Monero Multisignature Wallets (2/2 & 2/3)

But no, actual signing doesn't need to be done while online.

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