Attempting to follow the pseudo-code here -- What exactly has been changed in PoW algorithms in the v7 fork?, I was curious about this part of the Monero hashing algorithm ...

scratchpad = fill_scratchpad(state)

What is the scratchpad for? When you "fill" the scratchpad, are you simply taking the value (state) from teh step above and prepending zeroes to it until you have 2 MB worth of data?


The scratchpad is filled with pseudo-random data based on the state (using rounds of the AES block cipher).

Check https://cryptonote.org/cns/cns008.txt for a detailed description of the algorithm (without the modifications introduced in version 7 of the protocol).

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  • Omg this is incredibly complex for my primitive mind. Are there any examples that work through the hash process with specific numbers? – Dave Apr 17 '18 at 19:11
  • Not that know of. – glv Apr 18 '18 at 7:09

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