I'm new to cryptocurrency mining. I am currently mining with a mac. I encountered a problem using xmr-stak-cpu, which i entered wrong details about the pool, i tried deleting the config but the terminal just still shows errors! please help!

  • xmr-stak-cpu is unsupported. If you mine Monero, it no longer works after V7 POW change. – Link Ng Apr 15 '18 at 7:53
  • download and compile the github.com/fireice-uk/xmr-stak miner. Its not that bad to compile. it does run on the Mac (10.9 verified here) and will do just CPU. You will get some errors wit cmake, but read them and follow suggestions and bob will be your uncle. (you will probably need homebrew or macports installed and the commandline XCode tools) All easy if you are even fairly comfy on a commandline/terminal – Dave Apr 15 '18 at 22:35

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