I run into an issue where when submitting an RPC request to the transfer method, the tx_key (that helps prove a tx was made) is not being returned.

I explicitly mention get_tx_key so that the tx_key gets returned. According to the transfer RPC documentation.

Also made sure I set store-tx-info to 1 in the CLI.

Sample request:

array (
  'destinations' => 
     'amount' => '0.01314010',
     'address' => '44P8rkTRW5u1i...cEePYi4J5Vr3QLimydCX',
  'mixin' => 4,
  'get_tx_hex' => true,
  'get_tx_key' => true,
  'payment_id' => 'xxxx...xxxx',

What is being returned is:

   'amount' => 1140160000,
   'fee' => 10785600000,
   'multisig_txset' => '',
   'tx_blob' => '',
   'tx_hash' => 'xxxx...xxxx',
   'tx_key' => '',
   'tx_metadata' => '',

As you can see the tx_key property was returned empty. This isn't the desired nor correct behavior. Any ideas?

  • While this does seem to be a bug, you probably want to use the transfer_split RPC instead, which is the one that's commonly used (and more tested).
    – user36303
    May 13, 2018 at 16:07

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Tx keys are stored in the wallet you use to make a transaction.

Tx keys cannot, however, be recovered if you restore a wallet from seed. If you have multiple wallets, only the wallet that you used to make the transaction will have a record of the tx key for that transaction (unless you have manually exported and imported those tx keys to the additional wallet).

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