The new GUI (v0.12) does not start / launch, whilst GUI v0.11 used to work properly. How do I resolve this issue?

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This issue can be caused by two things, namely (i) the path to monero-wallet-gui.exe contains a non-ASCII character or (ii) monero-wallet-gui.exe cannot properly use OpenGL rendering. The first issue will throw an error similar to this:

"Runtime Error" - This application requested the runtime to exit in an unusual way.

The second issue, however, will not throw an error. These issues are resolved as follows:

Issue 1:

Ensure the GUI v0.12 binaries (the .zip file) are extracted to a directory whose full path does not include non-ASCII characters. Thereafter, however, it could be that you incur issue 2.

Issue 2:

Launch the GUI v0.12 via the start-low-graphics-mode.bat that is included. This ensures the GUI uses the Qt Quick 2D Renderer instead of relying on OpenGL. More information about the Qt Quick 2D Renderer can be found here.

Qt Quick 2D Renderer is an alternative renderer for Qt Quick 2 that uses the Raster paint engine to render the contents of the scene graph instead of OpenGL. As a result of not using OpenGL to render the scene graph, some features and optimizations are no longer available. Most Qt Quick 2 applications will run without modification though any attempts to use unsupported features will be ignored. By using the Qt Quick 2D Renderer it is now possible to run Qt Quick 2 applications on hardware and platforms that do not have OpenGL support.

Qt Quick 2D Renderer is a Qt module that contains a scene graph renderer plugin.

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