I'm trying to figure out how much accepted shares are worth, however small, in a mining pool, situation, specifically of a PPLNS scheme. What is the formula to figure how what a specific share is worth? I thought block reward might come into play, but since PPLNS isn't bounded by found blocks, I'm somewhat confused about how to start calculating. I'm mining in this pool -- https://mixpools.org/xmr/ but use whatever pool as an example.

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Shares are not equal. One persons "share" may have X difficulty and anthers has Y difficulty. Each share is associated the difficulty of an accepted hash. PPLNS favors miners that stay on one pool (as opposed to pool hopping) because the percentage of a found block payout is not just splitting on the hashes submitted for that particular block.

A good explanation of a specific implementation of PPLNS can be found here.

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