I've been trying to put together a byte-sliced groestl (small) that use AesNi. I've seen plenty of groestl (large) implementations that do this, and have been using them for inspiration, but when you're only dealing with 64 instead of 128 bytes in the p and q rounds, the transpositions, byte offsets, and finite-field arithmetic is a little trickier. I was wondering if anyone knows of a github that has such a thing that I can use for reference.

Thanks in advance!

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The powhasher miner uses aesni-accelerated groestl from the groestl-aesni crate, implemented with llvm intrinsics. Small groestl actually parallelizes better than large groestl: the trick is to do the P rounds and Q rounds in tandem. (I am the author of both projects.)

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    Feb 17, 2021 at 9:08

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