I'm using Coinhive for the first time. I setup the JS on my website. When I click on the "Open" miner link in my Dashboard, it brings me to a simple page that displays the hashing/mining happening in real-time. This is great but when I close the authedmine browser tab, the JS stops mining across all browsers instantly.

My question is: Do I need to keep this authedmine.com tab open 24/7 for mining to persist?? That seems a little crazy. Am I missing something here? How do I continue mining XMR after I close the authedmine tab?

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Coinhive is a javascript-based miner. Since Javascript is web-based, you have to keep the page open in order for it to stay active.


How do I continue mining XMR after I close the authedmine tab?...answer: you dont.

besides that: it takes forever to mine even as low as 0.001 xmr.

i would suggest to start mining in a different way. I am currently mining on www.moneromahaz.com..new poolsite (look at: Get started.

  • I mean if you have enough users on your site this can be viable. It's considered an alternative to ads
    – Joss Bird
    Commented Jan 20, 2018 at 18:36

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