Noticed that monerod daemon hangs debian systems !! Is there a notice or warning to run only run monero wallets in a segregated VM ? Rarely experience a complete system hang so im bringing this issue to stackexchange reddit users attn. for those who are paranoid or just EXTRA CAREFUL.

Systems: Debian 9 LTS Debain 4.9 - i686 GNU/Linux

Monero version: monero-gui-linux-x86-v0.11.1.0 & cli included in this tar file - BOTH CRASH/HANG DEBIAN. tar file sha256 sum & pgp checked as advised Riccardo "fluffypony" Spagni -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----

iQEzBAEBCAAdFiEElLc43TUBMvWsvuodVUMt8xzNT80FAln5m4UACgkQVUMt8xzN T83FFAgAqiGND6bA2R9JrOH3fWIL8178TT2MF4dGHt0s9TfQZ6ZRoU6C6BWZ8MSs wrB7yJfePCahXPLJP8VapkxvkhIwalg77lgL1130gwxdfv4XKUAmsJPFIiqDirwR v/yJIhZJJJ9BF/DZLbVvl3yefd+Zz/jr0DPyEs7NlD1Q6K3Gv/nPBTrQlcbIq1S2 Zqz9ZG3YM0XXwbEpukfTSK0e9P6emgMr0jLu61qzoubblOEF12+Tm/HakVt0kDk4 wGEJSMv2zEPb//fg68xOpNF+9QU71IvHmjf38ZjbJdpC3GTFgO/EPa/i0EVPdN1u F/lAiazu+JGodmhzUxeXBPMdmrZE7g== =vZ6k -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

once monerod and monero wallet (cli or gui) close then system unhangs. So far have not needed to kill -9 monerod but i can imagine thats not far away if the wallet is crashing systems

  • Use that guide ^
    – dEBRUYNE
    Jan 12, 2018 at 9:33
  • seems to improve startup speed- testing now to see if it improves functionality at all. and if it improves shutdown speed Jan 12, 2018 at 13:01


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