Using the show_transfers command on monero-cli, it doesn't show the fee paid. It only shows the full amount. Also what do each column represent in show_transfers?

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It does in fact show the fee.
For incoming transaction, the columns in the show_transfers output are:

<block_height> in <date> <amount_received> <txid> <payment_id>

For outgoing transaction:

<block_height> out <date> <total_amount_sent> <txid> <payment_id> <fee> <receiving_addr_1> <amount_1> <receiving_addr_2> <amount_2> ...

Another option is to get the txid of the transaction you need, using show_transfers, and then you can run show_transfer <txid> (that's a different command, no 's' at the end) to get more details about this specific transaction, which includes the fee.

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  • You can send to multiple addresses and just pay a one time fee? – Patoshi パトシ Jan 6 '18 at 19:44
  • Yes, you can. You can see the exact command format by running help in the cli and look for the transfer command. – Jona Jan 6 '18 at 20:21

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