I have reasonably recent MacBookPro but the fans and CPU (Activity Monitor) are working hard.

I still have some blocks to sync:

enter image description here

Tried obtaining more info about the blockchain size:

Ideally I'd like to bootstrap the blockchain in a fastest way possible.

I have been using TOR in the past and there are some performance bottlenecks. I've never used I2P before but chances are there are some bottlenecks too.

Is there a clearnet version of Monero blockchain allowing me to get started reasonably fast?


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You can download the current bootstrap from here

Regarding 'Monero's blockchain bloat' : As far as I know, until now the Monero BC network hasn't really experienced a problem due to this as it hasn't got to unbearable levels of traffic that suffer from the extra size that comes with RingCT.

Further, Monero will soon have Bulletproofs which will reduce transaction size, improve transaction speed, and lower transaction fees

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