I've been mining on ViaXMR.com for nearly a month now and still no payout, is this because its a small pool or something else? Hobbyist miner using one GPU/CPU

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The ViaXMR pool hasn't found a block since Dec 3: https://www.viaxmr.com/#/blocks So no one has been paid out in a while. It's been a really unlucky streak.

Also, the minimum payment is 0.4 XMR. Look at the Pool Config here: https://www.viaxmr.com/#/home

So you will have to mine long enough to accrue 0.4XMR before the pool will pay you at all.

You won't see any XMR for a long time in that pool.

MoneroOcean (or some other http://moneropools.com/) may be a better pool for you: 0.03 XMR minimum payouts: https://moneroocean.stream/#/dashboard

  • I caught the tail-end of that Dec 3rd payout with 0.0029088659 XMR. I wondered if anyone else had used ViaXMR and what their experience was. I get about 150H/s on the i7 CPU and around 425H/s on the GTX970 Jan 14, 2018 at 18:22

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