I thought the prefix of a cryptonote address was fixed. For example AEON uses a Wm. And Monero a 4. But sometimes the Monero testnet has addresses that begin with a 9 and sometimes they begin with an A. Why is this?

Example - these are both valid XMR testnet addresses: 9uXRFi4PZMqhsnthBF6bGdfVnBSZtfKkR7Td8qPM7jUKZeTfR1tLhCoTLqYNE12xuiQg3aWGiLw83bWsqwTRLaM4Jk47xYM



Prefix is fixed in that the first (AKA network) byte is fixed to 0x35 for testnet. When encoding to base58 to get the actual address, the first 2 characters will vary depending on what follows after the network byte.

Those 2 addresses decode to:




so you can see they both start with 0x35, which is followed by the spend public key, view public key and the checksum.

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