I am new to mining but after reading and research I am going in with Monero. I am planning to use the Sapphire RX Vega 56 8GB GPU. The motherboard is Asus B250, 8GB RAM. The questions that I have are:

1) After referring to MoneroBenchmarks it seems that Vega 56 cards provide a really good hashrate at low power. But, are there any better options that I can consider? And, when I select a GPU, what configuration of the GPU should I focus on to know which one will be better. I know that efficiency will vary depending on the algorithm I am processing, but besides that is there anything relating to the GPU's config that I should focus on?
2) Regarding the processor, is there one that I should focus on to increase my efficiency? Since the work will be done by the GPUs primarily, so will the choice of processor play a significant role?


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Actually, the AMD Radeon VEGA cards, both 56 and 64, are the best options for mining Monero. Nothing is comparable to VEGA and with fine tuning you can reach really high hashrate (about 2000H/s) with really low TDP.

To understand how to config VEGA and miners, useful sources are:

Regarding the processor, CPU is not important at all and doesn't play a significant role, but if you have a XEON or a RYZEN you can add nice hashrate to total value also mining with CPU.


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