I wanted to send 0.4 XMR from my FreeWallet on my iPhone 6 and after deduction of 9%, i.e. 0.03 XMR (=extremely expensive if you ask me), to my monero-wallet-GUI on my macbook air, 0.37 was sent out of my FreeWallet on Nov 26. Since I have checked my monero-wallet-GUI and nothing has arrived. I did the transaction using the scanner function in my FreeWallet. No transaction ID, just the address of my monero-wallet-GUI. Why hasn't the 0.37 XMR arrived? Can anybody tell me what possibly went wrong


Freewallet is not a trustworthy wallet service. Please use the monero wallet binaries at getmonero.org

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Freewallet is a SCAM and they block your outgoing payments. So you will not be able to transfer it. I'm stucked for a month and support is "busy" solving my case for 4 weeks. They do not give you private key so your money is lost. Hope it will be soon criminal case against Freewallet

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